Our Process
We are 100% committed to providing you the best candidate utilizing Accede’s Best Practices resulting in saving you time and money!
There will be one single point of contact for you. All recruiting requests from you will bemaintained by one dedicated person, providing efficiency, consistency and continuity. A team of Accede’s Recruiters and Researchers will assist your contact in utilizing all available resources to find the talent for your positions.
Accede’s  Recruitment Process Outsourcing program is customizable to fit the unique requirements of your facility, enabling you to select from a variety of flexible service options to help you meet your recruitment objectives.
Prior to presentation, all candidates will be screened based on a one-on-one interview by accede’s Recruiter. To the best of our knowledge, all candidates presented to you will be qualified and competent. After meeting the Candidate, should you be interested in moving forward in the process, a professional recruiter will check references and debrief you on the results.
What we Offer
Recruiters at Accede  will serve as your consultant throughout the offer process.We will be in constant communication with both Client and Candidate to ensure that issues such as salary, benefits, and start dates are all negotiated through a neutral party. We will also consult with the Candidate on preparing resignation letters, dealing with counter offers, and planning for relocation.
Our Expertise
We have dedicated resources specialized in recruiting in the areas of Accounting-Finance,Engineering, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal, Management, Medical, Office Administration, and Sales-Marketing. Our ability to source exceptional candidates is unmatched in the San Antonio and surrounding market by the depth and breadth of our referral network.
Guarantee Period
Although rare, should our candidate leave your firm for any reason, Accede provides aguarantee period.
Contingent & Retained Search
Our professional recruiting fee for placements made either directly or indirectly as a result of our efforts per industry standards, is a fraction of the first year’s gross compensation.
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