Supply Chain Effectiveness Framework:
True supply chain innovation is achieved with a holistic approach — from the suppliers’ supply chains through product design, strategic sourcing, procurement, logistics, product use, and disposal. Accede Solutions  has broad expertise across all supply chain-related functions and incorporates best practices to help companies design and build innovative, world-class supply chains.
Supply Chain Management Overview
Our business is people. If any part of your organization is involved in managing the inbound, interplant or outbound movement, storage & distribution of a product from one point to another by any mode or combination of modes, whether it be by land, sea, or air anywhere in the world, we have the experience, resources and comprehensive knowledge to exceed your expectations in a variety of specializations.
Our individual Industry Practices specialize in customized solutions for each of our Clients and for Top Talent. We have the experience, skills, and resources to exceed your expectations in the following Supply Chain Management Practices:
Supply Chain Management Practices
Aerospace & Defense
 Consumer Products
 Food & Beverage
Functional disciplines meet your needs at the Senior Executive, VP, Director & Manager Levels
Distribution & Warehouse Operation Information Technology (SCM)
Sales & Operations Planning Network Design & Optimization
Sourcing & Purchasing Transportation (all modes)
Import & Export Management Customer Relations Management (CRM)
Inventory Management Order Fulfillment
Our clients range from private, regional providers to globally recognized public corporations
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